Sibylle Geiger

Painter and Costume Designer

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GIULIANO GEMMA - (Rome, September 2 1938)
Appreciated at an international level early in his career, Gemma became known to the public thanks to two very popular westerns: A pistol for Ringo and The return of Ringo, in which he appeared under the pseudonym Montgomery Wood. Perfectly at ease in the role of gunman, Gemma acted in several westerns. From 1970 onwards he also appeared in more serious films, only to go back to the western to bring Tex Willer to the big screen.

PETER LEE LAWRENCE - (Munich, January 21 1945 – April 19 1974)
One of the best-known faces in the spaghetti western genre, Lawrence had a brief but very intense career. All the films in which he appeared show the signs of his great professionalism, versatility and praiseworthy dedication, even in the stereotypical roles of genre films. His first film was Leone's For a few dollars more (1965). He died at only 29. His real name is Karl Hirenbach.

GIANNI GARKO - (Zara, Yugoslavia, July 15 1935)
Garko began his acting career in 1958 in Veglia la mia casa, angelo, directed by Luchino Visconti. Also in 1958, he appeared on television in the story Treasure Island. A serious, well-trained professional actor, he was most successful in the role of the gunman Sartana in a number of "spaghetti westerns" masterfully directed by Giuliano Carnimeo.

FERNANDO SANCHO - (Saragozza, January 7 1916 – Madrid, July 31 1990)
Spanish actor of great character who appeared in dozens of Italian and Spanish westerns, revealling his talent as one of the best villains in the genre. Sublime in the role of the bad guy, he played hundreds of cruel, merciless characters. From the late ’50s onward he was irreplaceable in the westerns of Tessari and Grimaldi, and also appeared in Franchi and Ingrassia's entertaining parodies.

ANTONIO MOLINO ROJO - (Venta de Baños, Palencia, 1926)
Played minor roles in many of Sergio Leone's film and countless other spaghetti westerns. Not normally mentioned in the credits, but actors without credits, like made-up American names, are one of the features that made the genre unique. His films include: For a fistful of dollars, For a few dollars more, Once upon a time in the west, Zorro's shadow, The two gunmen, The good, the bad and the ugly, Desperado. He also appears under the name Red Mills.

BEBA LONCAR - (Belgrade, April 28 1943)
Beba Loncar's career began in the '60s with The long ships, a film set in the age of the Vikings. She signed on with Columbia Pictures to make two films a year, and in 1964 Mauro Bolognini directed her in Woman is a wonderful thing, presented at the Festival in Venice. Pietro Germi directed her in Ladies and gentlemen, which won the Grand Prize in Cannes in 1966. After this Beba went into genre cinema, appearing in films such as Massacre in the Black Forest, Und Ewig Knallen die Räuber (The bandit and the princess), Days of violence. Her last film was made in 1983.

ROSALBA NERI - (Forlì, June 19 1939)
An explosive figure with aggressive feline lineaments, Neri starred in only one film, in Hercules and the Black Pirates directed by Luigi Captano, but appeared in an amazing variety of different genres (thrillers, horror films, westerns, peplum) often in the dangerous role of witch, vampire, or spy with a thousand faces. She worked with Luigi Comencini, Roberto Rossellini, Sergio Corbucci, Mario Bava, Marco Ferreri, Lucio Fulci.
She appeared under the pseudonyms Sara Bey and Sara Bay.

E. Lancia, F. Melelli, Dizionario del cinema italiano. Attori stranieri del nostro cinema, Rome, Gremese Editore 2006


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